New Mercedes Trucks + Four Car Covered Transporter join Russells Transport Fleet


New Mercedes Trucks + Four Car Multiple Covered Car Transporter join Russells Transport Fleet

Three brand new Mercedes Actros MP4 Trucks which included a new 2 Car Multiple Covered Car Transporter and a Four Car Covered Car Transporter joined Russells Vehicle Management and Towing's ever expanding Covered Car Transport Fleet towards the end of 2014.
After taking delivery of a 2 Car Covered Car Trailer at the start of January 2015 this has been coupled to the new Mercedes 2 Car Multiple Covered Car Transporter to make a combined 4 Car Multiple Covered Car Transporter that has been working non stop making several journeys both abroad and in the UK since its introduction to the Russells Transport - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing Fleet this month. This is one of many huge investments that Russells Vehicle Management and Towing have made in new equipent recently
The multiple covered car transporter, designed to load and transport both very low race and super cars and also capable of carrying 4 large 4x4 or SUV's is built on the latest Mercedes Actros MP4 Chassis
The truck boasts the latest Euro 6 engine with extremely low emissions and great returns in MPG.
Fitted with a larger cab than our existing trucks. This cab will spend a lot of its time on the continent giving the drivers more living space and comfort whilst they are away from home, orividing much needed relaxation and sleep spaces.
The vehicle is fitted with 24 hour live vehicle GPS tracking using Track and Trace - covering the UK and Europe and fitted as standard across Russell's entire fleet.  The Track & Trace system is provided to Russell's Vehicle Management Ltd by Ctrack.
The chassis was ordered from Mercedes Benz Intercounty Truck and Van who are based in Milton Keynes and supply excellant quality and workmanship. Built to order to Russells Vehicle Management and Towing's specifications the truck includes a low line chassis for better loading angles with air suspension on both the front and rear axles to assist with the loading angle and to also give the precious vehicles that are transported a smooth air ride.
All the standard features of a modern truck including a fridge for the driver, climate control, Bluetooth hands free system, and fitted toll boxes for both the German, French and Spanish motorway toll networks.


Specialist Multiple Covered Car Transport with Russells Vehicle Management and Towing

With an excellent track record in Covered and Enclosed Vehicle Movements of Prestige Road Car, Super , Classic , Show , and Race Cars for the Motorsport industry throughout the world, Russells Vehicle Management and Towing take pride in offering the very highest standards of care for your cherished vehicle. Making regular journeys transporting extremely high value cars throughout Europe that are visually sensitive and sometimes time sensitive also gives you the customer the confidence to use Russell’s Transport as your Covered Car Transport provider.

Covered Car Transport

Primarily, covered transport provides 100% Protection from Road traffic/dirt and outside weather, which could otherwise harm or mark highly cherished and valued vehicles.

We also adopt covered and enclosed car transport as many of the vehicles we transport are of high value and could be subject to interest for Thieves & Vandals. By using enclosed transport this eliminates this risk entirely. Concealment of vehicles in transit also allows Russell’s to provide transport for Prototype and Development Vehicles, Concept Cars and pre launch models.

Events we can cater for include:

  • Motor shows
  • Product launches
  • Road shows
  • Photo shoots
  • V.I.P car deliveries
  • Track days
  • Race meetings
  • Rally events
  • Exhibitions
  • Auctions

When Booking with Russell’s our clients and customers can benefit from the following:

  • Fully enclosed covered car transporters.
  • All vehicles fitted with winches for non running vehicles.
  • Low approach ramps for low ground clearance vehicles.
  • High value goods in transit insurance up to £1,000,000 as standard which can be lifted for higher value vehicles.
  • Appraisal sheets and inspections carried out on every vehicle moved by Russell’s.
  • Live vehicle tracking for both our staff and our customers to view the status and position of their vehicle(s) being transported.
  • Fully trained and uniformed drivers.
  • Storage facilities available for customer’s cars, both short term and long term.

Russells Vehicle Management - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing also provide Courier and ADR services and Event and Exhibition Solutions, including Terex and Flyaway airport solutions.  Explore our site and discover the myriad of services Russells Transport can supply for you.

Russells Transport also provide Race Car Transport


Classic Car Transport and Prestige Car Transport with Russells Vehicle Management and Towing

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