Classic Car Delivery - 1935 Riley Imp delivered for Blue Diamond Riley Services

1935 Riley Imp classic car delivery on behalf of Blue Diamond Riley Services Ltd.  Russells Transport recently collected two pre-WW2 classic Rileys including a 1935 Riley Imp in pristine condition from the north of England for delivery to Riley marque specialist Blue Diamond Riley Services Ltd, the Somerset based ‘go-to’ destination for classic pre-war Rileys for nearly forty years. 

Classic Car Delivery - Classic & Prestige Car Transport - Pristine 1935 Riley Imp 

Founded in Coventry in 1890 William Riley's Riley Cycle Company produced bicycles and later motorcycles. Son Percy Riley built his first prototype quadricycle in 1899.  However it wasn't until 1903 when Percy Riley and his other four brothers combined their resources to form the Riley Engine Company building and supplying engines for their father's business. Their first automobile, the Vee-Twin Tourer was produced in 1905. William abandoned motorcycle and cycle manufacturing to concentrate on automobiles but in 1912 changed the company name to Riley Coventry ltd, concentrating on supplying wire spoke wheels. In 1913 Percy's Riley Engine Company produced their first viable automobile, the  Riley17/30. After WW1 the Riley companies were restructured, along with other Riley companies formed by the brothers all combining to produce automobiles, and around this time Riley's Blue Diamond Badge designed by Harry Rush, also appeared, along with the motto 'As old as the industry, as modern as the moment'.

The Riley Brooklands was one of the most successful works and privateer racing cars of the late 1920s and early 1930s, particularly in Hill Climbs and at Le Mans.Between 1907 and 1969 the Riley Motors Companies produced 37 different cars, starting with the Riley 9 and ending with the Riley Kestrel /1100 /1300 based on the Austin Morris 1300 / 1100 with different variants. Many original racing Rileys regularly compete in VSCC events (the Vintage Sports Car Club) and pre-war racing 'specials' continue to be created from derelict or tired saloons.

The Riley Imp was produced from 1934 to 1935 with several variants. This particular 1935 Riley Imp, belongs to Alan Lomas and this year he celebrates 60 years of ownership, having purchased the classic 1935 Riley Imp, his first car, in 1955 and it is widely regarded as being one of the most original in existence.  The two Rileys are bound for the Taunton based Blue Diamond Riley Services Ltd, the new owner and managing director of which is son of Alan, John Lomas, who grew up in the passenger seat of this particular Riley Imp, his Dad’s car and also in a variety of other vintage and classic cars so his passion has been 39 years in the making. Covered classic car delivery is vital to protect such valuable cargo from prying eyes and from exposure to the elements and possible damage

Blue Diamond Riley Services Ltd

Blue Diamond Riley Services Limited (formerly known as Blue Diamond Services) has remained one of the leading ‘go-to’ destinations for pre-war Rileys for nearly forty years. Offering complete mechanical restoration work, high quality engine repairs and overhaul work alongside routine servicing, the company has rebuilt and worked on a full range of sports, saloon and touring cars ranging from 1928 Brooklands to 1939 16 HP Kestrel examples. In addition, the marque specialist has built and rebuilt a number of sports and racing specials, ranging from the 1938/9 Peking to Paris 16hp car to a number of 6 cylinder, 12/4 and 9HP specials of greatly varying specification. Alongside the restoration and servicing work, Blue Diamond provides an extensive spares service, offering parts for all Riley models from 1927-1939. Customers have a truly international profile being based across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. The business is under new ownership headed up by VSCC member and Riley aficionado, John Lomas. Blue Diamond Services Limited will continue to trade under the same principles that the previous owner, Ian Gladstone, installed during his long and successful tenure.

1935 Riley Imp Classic Car Delivery - Russells Transport

From pre world war cars and vintage cars up to more modern super cars, Russells Vehicle Management and Towing have the knowledge, equipment and know-how so you can be assured your classic car is in safe hands.  We specialize in moving classic cars and are extremely experienced in this field. Whether it is one single classic or vintage car or a number of cars we can carry out your every move. We have dedicated single covered car transporters and multiple covered car transporters, capable of moving up to seven cars at once.

Our experienced and trained drivers, who have interests in classic cars, will ensure the greatest of care is taken when loading and unloading your vehicles.

We do not need to drive the vehicles if our clients do not wish us too, as all of our transporters are fitted with winching facilities.

We can also carry jump packs and other equipment if requested for cars that can be temperamental with starting and running.

Russells Vehicle Management and Towing safely and professionally delivered these rare classic pre-WW2 Rileys using Specialist Classic Car Transport and are are the best in the business  for  Classic Car Transportation with 17 years experience in transporting thousands of prestige, classic, race and road cars Worldwide.  Call us today for all your classic covered car transport.

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