New 6 car covered Kässbohrer ecotrans-CV Transporter joins Russell's fleet

New 6 Covered Car Transporter -  Kassbohrer Ecotrans - CV Transporter and Euro6 Mercedes Actros join Russells Transport fleet in December 2015


A brand new 6 covered car transporter joined Russells Transport fleet towards the end of 2015.  This is the first Kässbohrer ecotrans CV-T  Transporter 6 covered car transporter ( Kaessbohrer ) for Russells Transport as the rest of the fleet is made up of Wagon and Drag 4 car transporters, 2 car transporters and single car transporters.  After taking delivery of the latest brand new Euro6 Mercedes Actros big space tractor unit at the end of October, this was delivered out to the Austrian Kässbohrer factory where the new 6 covered car transporter was being manufactured to Russells's Transport specifications.  This new Kässbohrer Ecotrans CV-T 6 car carrier covered car transporter will enable us here at Russells Transport - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing to provide you - our most highly  valued customers, the option to move even more of your prestigious automobiles, be they super cars, classics, concept,  road or race cars more efficiently and in even greater quantities. Whether Mercedes top of the range supercars or McClaren P1's, Riley Imps or Mercedes funeral limousines, Russells Transport can now deliver even better than before - just for you.

New Euro6 Mercedes Actros big space tractor unit plus Kässbohrer Ecotrans - CV Transporter 6 covered car transporter

Russells Transport have waited 12 months for the new Kässbohrer Ecotrans - CV Transporter 6 covered car transporter due to high demand, long lead times and high costs required to build these extremely specialized trailers. The transporters will give more capacity across the fleet for the larger multiple moves, and also for the more specialised Larger vehicles that Russells are regularly transporting. Very low loading angles means the trailer is also capable of loading GT cars, race cars and super cars that we regularly transport. 

The Kässbohrer Ecotrans - CV Transporter 6  benefits from the following state of the art features enabling superior multiple covered car transport:

  • Split top decks for maximising loading space.
  • Split doors both sides for left and right hand drive vehicles.
  • Winches on both decks. 
  • Extending Hydraulic rear section and top deck to create larger loading space.
  • Laser beam loading system to stop hydraulic decks and reduce any damage to vehicles.
  • Hydraulic lifting platform over rear axles to assist with loading wide super cars and vehicles. 
  • Air assisted raise and lower of trailer for loading and transit, controllable from the tractor unit.
  • Reversing camera fitted to tractor unit. 
  • LED lights fitted throughout. 
  • For the transport of exclusive supercars, high value prototypes and individual exhibition models you need a vehicle transporter with an impressive appearance, offering maximum safety and protection for the cars.

The Kässbohrer ecotrans CV-T type transporter sports a fully sealed telescopic rear box within the body which offers the extension and retraction of the loading area. This further improves the loading capabilities. Technical innovations have resulted in the especially high efficiency of this vehicle transporter in everyday logistics.

The Euro6 Mercedes Actros Tractor unit also boasts the latest Euro 6 engine with extremely low emissions and great returns in MPG and a big space Cab with flat floor, fridge/freezer and all the latest features including lane assistance, climate control, hands free phone, and fitted toll boxes for both the German, French and Spanish motorway toll networks.  The Actros with Euro VI engine makes a real contribution to reducing fuel consumption. The new Actros has proved in numerous fuel consumption tests that it is up to 9% more economical than its competitors. Together with the FleetBoard telematics system and a more economical driving style, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. The Euro6 Mercedes Actros Tractor unit is also fitted with 24 hour live vehicle tracking covering UK and Europe, fitted as standard across Russells Transport entire fleet for greater security and peace of mind.

The Mercedes truck chassis was ordered from Mercedes Benz Intercounty Truck and Van based in Milton Keynes.  Built to order to Russell's specification, the Euro6 Mercedes Actros Tractor unit includes a low line chassis for better loading angles with air suspension on both the front and rear axles to assist with the loading angle and to also give the precious vehicles that are carried a smooth air ride.

Multiple Covered Car Transport - Russells Transport offer multiple covered car transport services through its modern fleet of purpose built custom covered car transporters. We are able to accommodate many different types of cars, from classic and prestigious vehicles through to high value super cars and race cars.

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