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Koenigsegg CCX and Enzo Ferrari Super Car Transport to TOP GEAR

Super Car Transport - A Koenigsegg CCX Super Car and an Enzo Ferrari Super Car - two of the world's fastest cars were both delivered by Russell's Transport - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing to Dublin this week for the TOP GEAR LIVE SHOW using multiple covered super car transport.

The TOP GEAR LIVE SHOW is probably the most successfull car program on the planet, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.  Most venue worldwide are sellouts and are watched avidly by car fans of every persuasion week in and week out.  There cannot be many countries left that hven't hosted Top GEAR LIVE

Super Car Transport to TOP GEAR -  Koenigsegg CCX and Enzo Ferrari

The Koenigsegg CCX has a top speed of 395+ km/h or 245+ mph and the Enzo Ferrari has a top speed of 330 km/h or 208 mph.  Both are considered to be amongst the top 10 fastest production super cars in the world.

The super cars were delivered to Dublin for the TOP GEAR LIVE SHOW and returned home after the hugely popular TOP GEAR LIVE SHOW to the UK with no problems. The high value of the cars, meant that transport was completed, door to door on a non-stop basis, also using Track n' Trace Mobi2 and thus reducing the risk of any problems and multiple covered super car transport to ensure the extremely high value cargo was shielded from prying eyes.


Koenigsegg CCX Super Car Transport to TOP GEAR

The Koenigsegg CCX Super Car is a mid-engined sports super car built by Koenigsegg Automotive AB in Angelholm, Sweden.    The Koenigsegg  project was started with the aim of making a global super car, engineered and designed to comply with global safety and environment regulations and particularly to break into the United States Car market which is totally different to the European market.

The Koenigsegg CCX was first seen at the  Geneva Motor Show in 2006, with body modifications to meet US regulations and a new 4.7 L twin supercharged V8 engine capable of producing 806 PS - 593 kW; 795 hp at 7000 rpm and 920 N·m  at 5700 rpm of torque while running on 91 Octane petrol. There were only 14 Koenigsegg CCX Super Cars produced between 2006 and 2010.

The Koenigsegg CCX chassis is made from carbon fibre reinforced with kevlar and aluminium honeycombThe engine is the Koenigsegg aluminium V8 with 4 valves per cylinder and double overhead camshafts.  The body is a targa top body style with "dihedral synchro-helix" actuation doors with optional carbon fibre wheels and 8 piston caliper carbon ceramic brakes at front and 6 in the rear.

Enzo Ferrari Super Car Transport to TOP GEAR

The Enzo Ferrari Super Car- named after the companies' founder Enzo Ferrari is a 12 cylinder mid engine Berlinetta super car.  The Enzo Ferrari extreme performance super car was created in 2002 using Formula One technology, including a carbon fibre body, F1-style electrohydraulic shift transmission and carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide ceramic disc brakes.

Based on the design of the V8 found in Maserati's Quattroporte The Enzo Ferrari's V12 engine is the first of a new generation for Ferrari.

The Enzo Ferrari Super Car was built to commemorate Ferrari's first formula one title of the new millennium and first unveiled at the 2002 Paris Motor Show with a limited production run of 349.  50 more Enzos were later built, bringing the total to 399

Enzo Ferrari Super Car Past Models

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Super cars owners can be reassured that our highly trained drivers who are regularly driving super cars on and off of our car transporters will take the greatest of care with there cars.

This service is offered to customers with very high value and performance vehicles. With all of the vehicles we transport we undertake immaculate care, but with high value cars, we put extra insurance covers into place and ensure the vehicles are kept from prying eyes at all times.

We can winch the vehicles on and off if our customers prefer, to save wear on the cars clutch and mechanical moving parts.

We route the journey to be taken to undertake as few stops as possible and where stops are made we ensure secure parking is adopted at all times.

Our complete fleet of vehicles is fitted with minute by minute tracking devices which cover street level mapping at European levels. This is to give you, the customer, accurate time and place reports as and when required and also works as added security and peace of mind.

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Koenigsegg CCX & Enzo Ferrari 

Super Car Transport to TOP GEAR live