Multiple Covered Car Transport now available with Russells Transport

Multiple Covered Car Transport

Russell’s Transport now also offers multiple covered car transport.   We have a number of multiple covered car transport purpose-built transporters  that can carry many different configurations of  vehicles.  We use covered-drawbar multiple covered car transport vehicles that can carry from one to four cars in one single move.  Multiple Covered Car Transport is the way to go for economies of scale and efficiency to move your prestige cars or racecarsThis is in addition to our vast range of specialist multiple covered car transporter services. With the addition of a new rigid and drawbar combination we can now move up to four vehicles in one single covered car transport vehicle.

Russell’s Transport now also offers multiple covered car transport and full details can be found here

Our entire multi car covered transporter fleet benefits from the following features:

  • All our multiple covered and enclosed transporters are fitted with winches for non running vehicles.
  • Low approach ramps for low ground clearance super cars or racecars.
  • Hydraulic lifting decks with safety mechanisms to ensure safe carriage of vehicles.
  • High value goods in transit insurance up to £1,000,000 as standard which can be lifted for higher value multiple vehicles.
  • Appraisal sheets and inspections carried out on every vehicle moved by Russell’s Transport.
  • Live vehicle tracking for both our staff and our customers to view the status and position of their automobile  being transported.
  • Fully trained and uniformed drivers.
  • LEZ compliant transporters.

The purpose built multiple automobile transporters are designed to be able to carry  cars with very low ground clearance so loading multiple race cars and high performance vehicles does not become an issue.

From Classic cars and High performance vehicles to Prestigious and low ground clearance Super Cars, all of our multiple covered car transporters can accommodate these types of vehicles with no problems at all.

This service gives us the ability to offer our clients multiple covered car transport from one to four units in a single move.

From delivering multiple cars to Motorshows and Race meetings across Europe, and even worldwide - to car clubs and enthusiasts or even for large corporate movements, we can arrange multipe covered car transport to suit your every need.

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SPECIALIST MULTIPLE COVERED CAR TRANSPORT with Russells Transport - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing

COVERED CAR TRANSPORT with Russells Transport

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