Track & Trace

Our complete fleet of vehicles is fitted with minute-by-minute tracking systems. This gives us total control of our vehicle movements and historic locations.

You can login to Track and Trace online and monitor the current location, status, direction and speed of your goods.

c-track screenshots

Real-time monitoring

The system is constantly live and covers detailed street mapping at European level. This function allows our staff and our customers to view the current location, status, direction and speed of a particular vehicle at any one time.

24-Hour Activity logs

We have access to 24-hour activity logs on each of our vehicles activities, which are at our customer’s disposal if and when required. This is a useful asset as the system can pinpoint delivery and collection times of cargo and loads, and can pinpoint any unnecessary stops.

c-track on devices

The system also offers a playback facility. The playback feature gives the ability to illustrate journeys with a snail trail to show where a vehicle has been with any stop/start sequence.

The benefits of Track & trace

Ultimately, from using vehicle tracking you, the customer, will receive a better service, costs are kept under control and the information that you receive is more accurate and appropriate. Live tracking makes our fleet operation faster, more responsive and more efficient.

The Track & Trace system is provided to Russell's Vehicle Management Ltd by Ctrack.

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