Our Services

At Russell's Transport we offer seven key services, these are:

Our Covered and Enclosed Transports

Primarily, covered transport provides 100% Protection from Road traffic/dirt and outside weather, which could otherwise harm or mark highly cherished and valued vehicles.

We also adopt covered and enclosed car transport as many of the vehicles we transport are of high value and could be subject to interest for Thieves & Vandals. By using enclosed transport this eliminates this risk entirely. Concealment of vehicles in transit also allows Russell’s to provide transport for Prototype and Development Vehicles, Concept Cars and pre launch models.

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Events We Can Cover

Events we can cater for include:

  • Motor shows
  • Product launches
  • Road shows
  • Photo shoots
  • V.I.P car deliveries
  • Track days
  • Race meetings
  • Rally events
  • Exhibitions
  • Auctions

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Key Benefits We Offer

When Booking with Russell’s our clients and customers can benefit from the following:

  • Fully enclosed covered car transporters.
  • All vehicles fitted with winches for non running vehicles.
  • Low approach ramps for low ground clearance vehicles.
  • High value goods in transit insurance up to £1,000,000 as standard which can be lifted for higher value vehicles.
  • Appraisal sheets and inspections carried out on every vehicle moved by Russell’s.
  • Live vehicle tracking for both our staff and our customers to view the status and position of their vehicle(s) being transported.
  • Fully trained and uniformed drivers.
  • Storage facilities available for customer’s cars, both short term and long term.

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Additional Services We Offer

We offer a number of additional services to the customer when their vehicle is in our hands including storage, cleaning and transport damage prevention.

We have a number of facilities to store customers vehicles, either in between collection and delivery or for a fixed period.

When vehicles are delivered to venues for show and display purposes, a thorough cleaning service can be carried out, where the bodywork is cleaned, polished and prepared for the event. Tyres are cleaned and blacked, and any glass work is de-smeared. When in transit drivers always ensure vehicles are protected with a full car cover and metal free wheel fastenings are used to leash the vehicle and completely eliminate damage to wheels and bodywork. When possible we also protect tyres with a hardwearing shrink wrap to avoid stone indentations and marks.

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