Autosport International 2016 - NEC Birmingham - Multiple Covered Car Transport

Another Autosport International 2016 and Performance Car Show has come and gone.  This year's Autosport International 2016 was again a huge success, with exhibitors and spectators from far and wide, and saw Russells Transport as busy as ever delivering and collecting entries from many parts of the country, and including a Bentley 2016 Bentley Continental GT Convertible prestige luxury vehicle and a limited edition Porsche 918 Spyder Supercar using multiple covered car transport for event and exhibition.

Autoshow International 2016 held at the NEC Birmingham - with Multiple Covered Car Transport supplied by Russells Transport - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing

The 2016 Autosport International Show opened its doors on Thursday 14 January at Birmingham's NEC and continued until Sunday 17 January.  Presented by Landsail Tyres in association with Autocar and, the 2016 Autosport International and Performance Car Show has now come to a close for another year and this year’s show  has been one of the best yet.  Featuring Hypercars, Supercars, Sportscars, Racecars, Classic Cars, Modified cars & Tuning, with cars ranging from the McLaren P1 to Porsche 911 and more, there was something for every autosport fan to enjoy.

Autosport International 2016 shows the very best the motorsport world has to offer including the F1 Racing Grid, an incredible new feature from Williams with 8 of their most iconic cars including the incredible Williams FW08C F1 Race Car and the very first Formula 1 car to roll out of the Williams Factory FW06; Williams FW14B, which secured Nigel Mansell the Drivers and Constructors Championship in 1992 and Damon Hill’s Williams-Renault FW18 in which he won 12 of 16 races in the 1996 season.  Other displays included the BTCC Display, Wales Rally GB feature and of course the thrilling Live Action Arena.  The Maxxis Japspeed Drift Team showed us all at Autosport International how to drift  and how to do it with style.

It was another busy year for Russells Transport, bringing many superb exhibits for the enjoyment of the many autosport enthusiasts who attended this year's 2016 Autosport International and Performance Car show using multiple covered car transport.  Delivery and collection also includes setting up of the vehicles, making sure they are presented at their very best, and collection and return to their owners long after the event has closed. 

Multiple Covered Car Transport to 2016 Autosport International and Performance Car Show with Russells Transport

The video below provides an insight into the work carried out by the Russells Transport team when providing Multiple Covered Car Transport to Events and Exhibitions - with work which starts long before and finishes long after each event, with the Russells Transport team striving to provide the best possible service to our many and varied customers.  This year saw the first use of our brand new Kässbohrer ecotrans CV-T Transporter 6 covered car transporter ( Kaessbohrer ) utilizing our brand new Euro6 Mercedes Actros big space tractor unit, both of which joined Russells Transport towards the end of 2015.  Russells Vehicle Management and Towing always use covered car transport to protect valuable cargo from prying eyes and minimize the likelyhood of any external damage, however caused.

The show featured many other exciting events and displays, including the Autocar Supercar Display and the new Hot Hatch Nirvana theme consisting of the Hot Hatch Hall of Fame  and the Evolution of the Hot Hatch.  Others included many reveals and announcements, such as the Classic Team Lotus announcing that their next project will be returning the Type 56B to the racetrack. The Type 56B is famous for being the only turbine-powered Formula One car in the sport’s history. BTCC livery reveals were also taking place. Wix Racing, Simpson Racing, Handy Motorsport, WSR and Eurotech Racing all unveiled their 2016 cars. 

The new Ford GT racing car also made its debut public appearance before this sleek FIA World Endurance Racer goes off to compete at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in June.  The Aston Martin Vulcan was also on displayas was the the McLaren P1, McLaren P1GTR, Ferrari 488 GTB, McLaren 570s, BMW i8, as well as favourites such as the iconic Peugeot 205 GTi, Golf GTI mk1 and mk2, cars from Noble, Zenos, BAC Mono and many more.  Silverstone Classic put on a superb exhibition of all their grid line-ups for 2016 including a stunning display of the Group C cars (Le Mans racers from the Derek Bell & Dickie Attwood era).  Autosport International 2016 has something for all race car and car raing enthusiasts and every day was made interesting by the huge display of racecars, supercars, events and exhibitions.

Even race car safety was brought to the forefront and FIA President Jean Todt delivering the Motorsport Safety Fund’s Watkins Lecture on safety in racing. Todt discussed the FIA’s constant push to improve safety, including a group of engineers who are currently testing new methods of improving safety.  Many racing personalities were on hand to discuss all manner of race related topics and included Damon Hill talking on the Autosport Stage about his championship-winning 1996 Williams FW18, Felipe Massa, three time LeMans winner Allan McNish,Guy Martin, Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams, and Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds of the Williams F1 Team, David Coultard, Terry Grant, FIA WRX Champion Petter Solberg and too many others to name.

Multiple Covered Car Transport for Race Cars with Russells Transport - Russells Vehicle Management and Towing

Should you be interested in transport for your Supercar, Race Car, Prestige or Luxury Car, Classic Cars, Hypercar or Ultracar or any other type of Autosport vehicle for next year's Autosport International Show, please give us a call anytime on: 01280 850 426, there is always someone on the end of the phone.

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