A customer relocation to the Isle of Bute, Scotland.

We understand that with people relocating both within the UK and Into Europe it can be a stressful time. This is where we come in to arrange the movement of any vehicles required with minimum fuss and absolutely no stress put on the customer.


Back in our office, our staff will firstly check what size of transporter is required dependant on the number and size of vehicles to be moved. We will then check for access at both the collection and delivery point for the appropriate size transporter and if everything looks fine we will provide an official quotation for the customer.


We will work out the transit time from collection to delivery and this will be shown with appropriate dates and times on the quotation.


If the customer wishes to proceed they can simply let us know via email or a telephone call and let us know of any amendments if necessary and the booking will go into our automated system.


Sometimes with relocations, we have to work alongside removal companies to make sure for instance that both our transporters and the removal companies vehicles don’t arrive at the same time in residential addresses.


With this particular move we provided a 6 car enclosed transporter for the transport of a number of classic cars and a vintage tractor.


The vehicles were collected late on a Wednesday afternoon from a countryside address near Buxton. As access was too tight, we arranged to load just down the road from the customer and collected the vehicles from the customer’s address and took them the short drive to the transporter.


Every vehicle collected by us is checked prior to loading for any damage; this is noted along with the mileage and fuel level and any additional items. The car is then photographed and loaded onto the transporter. Once every vehicle is checked and loaded the driver will ask the customer to sign the proof of collection on his electronic tablet.


The customer receives immediate automatic advice via email that we have collected the vehicles and can view the proof of collection and photographs online. The transporter will then make its way to the arranged delivery point and the reversal will happen for delivery.


The customer can also track the transporter online via our tracking service free of charge if they wish.


In this instance the vehicles were delivered the following afternoon to Rothesay before the removal company arrived but at the same time as the customer so the cars could be unloaded and parked in the appropriate places.


We arrange the ferry journeys and the transporter on this occasion travelled from Wemyss bay directly into Rothesay and returned on the same route the same day.


Please get in touch if we can help with any vehicle relocations both UK and Europe, and vehicle and size.