New Addition to Russells Fleet, Mercedes Actros & Rolfo Auriga Deluxe

We welcomed the latest addition to our fleet recently 🚛 🚛 joining us at the start of September, this 6 car enclosed transporter is the latest Rolfo Auriga Deluxe with all optional extras including a full spec race style tail lift for those extremely low race cars and super cars. Coupled to a Mercedes Actros 1848 with 480hp 🐴 and fully loaded with extras we think this is another great addition to our expanding fleet. What do you think? It’s impressed us already with its flexibility to load 6 Ferrari’s with no problems or 4 large SUV’s. #coveredcartransport #supercartransport #classiccartransport #russells #russellstransport #mercedes #ferrari #jeep #rolfo #rolfospa #ferrari