Classic Car Transport - A 1927 Austin Windsor 12-4 moved by Russells Transport

A 1927 Austin Windsor 12-4 was recently transported by Russell's Transport for a client who has had previous services supplied to them using Classic Car Transport. The car was an extremely rare 1927 Austin Windsor 12-4, and was transported along with a number of spares. Regarded as one of the strongest classic cars ever built, the 1927 Austin Windsor 12-4’s longevity has become the stuff of legend. Effectively a scaled down version of the Austin Windsor 20-4, the 12-4 was introduced in 1921 and was to enjoy a long and distinguished production life. Classic Car transport services were supplied by Russell's Transport as these classic cars require very careful handling and delicate care.   Russells Vehicle Management and Towing take great pride in offering the very highest levels of service using our covered, fully enclosed and insured classic car transporters .

1927 Austin Windsor 12-4 with Classic Car Transport supplied by Russells Transport

Russell's Transport safely and professionally delivered this extremely rare 1927 Austin Windsor using Specialist Classic Car Transport and are are the best in the business  for  Classic Car Transportation with 16 years experience in transporting thousands of prestige classic, prestige, race and road cars Worldwide.  Call us today for all your classic covered car transport.

Classic Car Transport - Classic and Prestige

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A 1927 Austin Windsor 12-4 moved by Russells Transport using Classic Car Transport