Vehicle Delivery Software

We operate our fleet and business on an online bespoke system that benefits our office staff, drivers and clients.

The system includes a bespoke integrated driver mobile app that our drivers access via a provided tablet.

The system also has the functionality to give our clients live access to their own specific jobs, invoices and electronic proof of deliveries.

Some of the main features include:

  • Live driver and vehicle planner screen. Meaning optimised running of fleet.
  • Live delivery of poc’s and pod’s to clients when ever vehicles are collected or delivered, showing full status of every vehicle moved, including photographs.
  • Damage photo capture and checklist, all date and time stamped.
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Real time information
  • Driver timesheets and expenses
  • Vehicle walk around checks linked to the transport department and available to drivers if requested by DVSA on roadside stops

Running alongside our live satellite vehicle tracking this gives us full operational control at the back office to utilise our fleet to its full potential.